What you said when you were drunk

What you said when you were drunk…

Don’t recall?

Can’t recant.

Under the influence?

of being an _____, perhaps.

Unstable is an understatement,

you’ve got mange

must live in a stable.

Can’t hide behind a bottle,

the glass is clear.

And I see more clearly than ever,

with the clarity of a flawless diamond

that you’re a phony,

cubic zirconia.

A canary,

no, una paloma,

messenger pigeon,

the rats of the sky,

carrying messages,

spreading lies

like a disease.

Eyes on the side of your head,

can’t see what’s right in front of you,

cock your head.

You like to run your mouth,

must be prepping for a marathon.

A plague,

but you will plague me no more.

I’m vaccinated.


What you said when you were drunk, it hurt;

but what you said when you weren’t, was worse.

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