Everything it’s not

Is there love without pain,

Is their love without sorrow?

Is their love not in vain;

Is there love on the morrow?

Is their love without work;

Or love without firsts?

Is there love without thirst;

Or love without birth?

Is there love again,

Or love brand new?

Is love just for one,

Or can love be for two?

Is love a lie,

Or is love a given?

Does love lie, and die;

Or can love be forgiven?

Is love for a moment,

Or love as atonement?

Is love helter-skelter,

Or can you control it?

Is love better lost,

Or love better nought?

Is love at a cost,

Or love for which fought?

Is love for a friend,

Or love just pretend?

If love is forever,

Then love will bend and mend.

Love is


It’s not


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