Adult Kid

We've all heard the tired cliché, "Wait until you have kids of your own; then you'll understand." Usually, we get this from our parents with whom we've had some disagreement or misunderstanding, or yes, even a full-fledged screaming match (e.g. with Mom...again). ::rolls eyes:: But how often do we think about when we are old and … Continue reading Adult Kid

Pity Cat

If you utilize any form of social media, then it's very likely you have encountered the Grumpy Cat meme. But...I bet you've never seen the Pity Cat meme... Ok. That is a really cute, sad kitty, but we all KNOW a Pity Cat. They thrive off your pity and NEED your attention. Yet, rather than … Continue reading Pity Cat


April 11, 2013 My husband and I have been friends for 17 years. Together for 16 years. Pet owners for 13 years... February 12, 2000 Since it was almost Valentine's Day, and Gaby had recently had shoulder surgery, I decided a puppy would be a great way to cheer him up. When Karl first saw … Continue reading Karl