Tit for Tat?

Last weekend, my husband and I decided to fight the deep-seeded urge to stay home growing roots into our couch, and instead join our best guy friend and his girlfriend at her middle school reunion. It was at a casual indoor/outdoor bar called American Social, where they also serve food. How American. I (and by … Continue reading Tit for Tat?


This weekend we attended a destination wedding in Colombia. ****** We overcrowded a large chiva bus that drove us around town blasting music. There was dancing in the aisles, and much cheering each other on as we, unsanitarily, gulped whiskey from a bottle we passed around; several bottles, actually. We wore printed straw party hats … Continue reading Construction


My name is Carmen Maria Hernandez, and I am NOT a recovering iPhone addict. * Step 1 - I admit I am powerless over iProducts - BUT my life has become more manageable because of them. Even as we speak, or read, I am using my iPhone memo app to write this post in the … Continue reading Pockets