Everyday there’s a new movement. Some new headline to get caught up in. Sad thing is, some are important issues, or are related to important issues, but people–actors, models, politicians, and regular joe’s, alike–get caught up in their own personal, but also very PUBLIC, agendas. They don’t accomplish much of anything. The boycott is a … Continue reading Boycott


On a flight to Vegas. Pilot comes on over the p.a. in a barely there, muffled voice to let us know to buckle up because it's gonna get a little bumpy for the next 10 minutes or so. "Please fasten your seat belts and remain seated until the fasten seatbelt sign is turned off." The … Continue reading Terribulence

Time Travel

Sometimes, you do things you don't regret; Nevertheless, can never forget. Life's not black and white; Rather, decays into greens and browns and grays. Often, not right or wrong; Least wrong can still feel farthest from right. Don't dwell, time traveler. Though ends don't justify the means, You can't live presently in the past. Move … Continue reading Time Travel


Recently my daughter's teacher asked me if we go to church? My son and daughter attend a private Christian School, and I wondered hesitantly if she was asking because one of them had done something wrong. But then I thought, I do go to church everday. Every morning when I wake up and thank God … Continue reading Church