Lipstick and Rouge

What’s going to happen to lipstick and rouge,

To the reds, pinks, and nudes,

To the gamut of hues

And their varying cues

That delineate our days?

Each morning, a choice ensues;

An array of colors

That mirrors our mood,

And sets the tone, our attitude.

What’s going to happen to smiles,

When reactions are masked,

Intentions interpreted through wrinkles,

Stimulated responses

At the edge of dilated pupils?

When color covered up trials;

When smile reciprocated smile,

and went the extra mile,

Turning a frown upside down?

What then, what now?

Lashes bat, kiss briefly.

Raised brows arch excitedly.

Eye-shadow foreshadows our delights.

Forehead creases ease,

Rounded out cheeks,

Yield crow’s feet.

Let your eyes smile.

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