No Matter What.

Human nature.


Marked by beginnings and ends.

Will do’s and did’s.

Verb. Tense.

We spend so much time stating, swearing, pinky-promising this, that or the other.


Tomorrow. No Matter What.

We pine, and plan, and pray our motives into existence.

I think about the past year,
But I don’t want to think about it.

I don’t want to think about this “new” year.

I did not move past anything at the stroke of 12;
Or have a renewed spirit at 12:01.

I was just, as I have been

a person,
on a day,
at a time,

Waiting for something to happen, to change, to end, to begin.

Waiting for…

Today. No Matter What.

“This time”, “this year” will be different, better.

Without effectuating real change?

Coercing resolutions onto others?

Just live…Now.

Stop making excuses; voicing false promises; penciling resolutions in vain.

Let life get in the way of living?

Never. No matter what.

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