There’s no WIFI symbol?!?! 

There’s no shiny blue wifi symbol on the outside of the plane.


No wifi symbol on the overhead compartments.

Double Hmmm.

There’s NO wifi on the plane?!?!

On this 5 hour long flight!

Well, what am I gonna do now?

Read a book? Write a book? Sudoku? Catch up on paperwork?

All plausible. 

Then of course I could always…


I can’t say the words out loud, but I can type them.

Talk with another passenger, a human being?!?! I’m just being dramatic, my sister is sitting right next to me. 

Maybe I can find a way to message with her…

Maybe the plane hasn’t reached a high enough altitude, and so they haven’t activated it (the “wifi”) yet?

Why the “finger quotes” you ask? They just make everything seem more conspirital. [Yes, I made that word up.]

The TORTURE as my youngest daughter would gasp. 



No wifi -_-

We’ve gotten so spoiled in today’s world of technology. Well, I’ve gotten; I suppose I shouldn’t speak for everyone.

But hey, I am just (conveniently) embracing the ever-changing world we live in.

Much as humans accepted fire to keep warm, or the wheel to cart stuff, and then themselves around, technology is now carting us around via Uber. Nobody complains about those wonders that made our life soooo much easier. 

Still no wifi. I could probably ask the steward or stewardess, but I know what they’re gonna say, and who needs that kind of negativity in their life. 

I know we tend to get caught up in technology, but it feels even more so because of the rate at which technology has blown up; so many things are controlled from your computer or phone. 

Computers and phones become outdated so quickly, I mean who still has an iPhone 5, right? 

Probably lots of people actually.

Point is, there’s constantly a newer, better, faster version of everything coming out. 

I have no complaints though.

I love my phablet.

The truth is before there were phones you could pour Cristal all over, before iPhones and iPads even, it was call waiting, double lining, beepers, Nintendo and Playstation. For a long time now there has been some form of technology occupying our free time. We all know in the “good old days” kids played in the street, and rode their bike to school, and were at the neighbor’s house ’til sundown when it was time for supper.

Yes, Supper.
Yep. They WERE good times, but now we’re living in a time when you don’t want your kids going to the neighbors, we don’t know who they are or if we can trust them. Most homes have working parents, ain’t nobody got time for neighbors and friendly chit chat. 

Well, some people do. Good. For. You! 

Anywho. I lost track of time, thankfully. Watched “Daddy’s Home” and now watching “Mocking Jay Part 2” SO GOOD!

Back to this post. I took a short commercial break to use the bathroom. Pilot came on over the PA to say there was a Severe Thunderstorm “parked” over MIA, and we were in a “hold” position. He also suggested we “should” have enough fuel to stay in said “hold” position, but if NOT then we would have a diversion. 

A diversion? WTF? Like a party trick?

So, I decided to use the bathroom, just to make sure the diversion didn’t take place in my pants! 

The storm moved, and we are about to land. And I won’t need wifi because my beloved 4G LTE speeds will be back!

After rereading my post for unintentional grammar mistakes (the others can stay), I am finally within signal range!

Time to post! 

Technology for President?

That’s a “T” I can accept. 


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