Everyday there’s a new movement.

Some new headline to get caught up in.

Sad thing is, some are important issues, or are related to important issues, but people–actors, models, politicians, and regular joe’s, alike–get caught up in their own personal, but also very PUBLIC, agendas.

They don’t accomplish much of anything.

The boycott is a popularity contest, seeking the most followers and retweets, creating zero change; instead, a bunch of fake, forced public apologies, deleted tweets, & slaps on the instawrist.

I’m not against protesting, but can we stop laying the blame, and instead start pointing at solutions?

Can we stop following every mindless fool that starts a hashtag? Can we read and learn and have intellectual exchanges?

What happened to “be the change you wanna see”?


Every day it’s

A new boycott.

Another op-ed.

Another Viral Retweet.


Another open letter…to whom it may concern.

Like dominoes, one after the other; let’s knock as many down as we can, ‘til nothing or no one is left standing.

El Negro,

Crooked Hillary,

Trump – doesn’t need a nickname.

Let’s label




Let’s scrutinize




Let’s alienate





and Shithole countries.

What would Jesus do…

Chick Fil’ A?

Planned Parenthood?

Transgender Bathrooms?

Let’s boycott


The Grammies,

The Academy,

Peter Rabbit,





-Come on, what you got against LeBron?

Why’d he leave though?

-Geez, can a person live?

Let’s kneel or bend over for



Wall Street,

The National Anthem.

In God we trust?

And censor


The News,

The Truth?

Are we really making a stand? Or just grandstanding?

Let’s boycott



North Korea,


America Next?




But why in that order? #WomenFirst #KidsLivesMatter

::slaps forehead::

WHO CARES about the order?!?!

Just LIVE!

It’s such an angry, frustrating, confusing time for our kids to grow up in.

I didn’t want Trump for President.

I don’t want Oprah for President.

I don’t want Kanye, or Arnold (to be back), or any other famous cualquiera to helicopter into the Presidency.

Is it too much to ask for an intelligent, respectable individual that is serious about leading and uniting this melting pot?

Is it too much for each group to stop demanding only what suits them?

We’re all to blame.

Boycott the boycott.

Comfy T-shirt

I cuddle back under the sheets on your side of the bed after you leave with the kids to school.

It’s always a lil warmer than my side, and it’s better for my shoulder I say.

Bunch the t-shirt you wore last night around my neck. The soft aroma of your cologne and Dove soap fill my nose, and I’m instantly drowsy.

One long breath and sigh, and I’m drifting away. I pull our comforter, like your arms, tighter around my shoulders.

I nestle my head into your pillow that gently cradles my neck and deters my worries.

I don’t miss you, because you’re not gone; but I need you.

It’s not about time or distance, just a matter of existence.

I love you.