“Perfectly Inconsistent”

Do you know any “perfect” Christians? 

Me neither!

I’m not perfect, but rather often inconsistent. Does that mean I should just give up, and not pray anymore? Or just stop talking about God or giving His advice because people will question me and my level of “Christianity”?
Why? Because I make mistakes, because I curse and make jokes or poke fun when I shouldn’t; because I get angry or jealous or impatient at times.
The point is just that, we aren’t perfect. And thank God! Or he should thank us, ’cause otherwise he’d be pretty bored up there! 

J/K @TheBigGuy

I’m joking of course! O_o 

We have to work on ourselves all the time. Whether it’s being a good Christian or just a good person in general.
It’s like dieting. Just because you have one bad meal, it doesn’t mean you need to ruin the rest of your day or week by continuing to eat poorly.
You just have to start over at the next meal.