My name is Carmen Maria Hernandez, and I am NOT a recovering iPhone addict. * Step 1 - I admit I am powerless over iProducts - BUT my life has become more manageable because of them. Even as we speak, or read, I am using my iPhone memo app to write this post in the … Continue reading Pockets


Men... Warning: The short that follows is about "That Time of the Month". Which time? The annoying, bitchy, PMSy time, when all you men do is mess things up for us. And, NO, we don't act like that ALL the time! Well... I was 9 when I first discovered I was immortal. I mean how … Continue reading Immortality?

The Loo

April 7, 2013The kids are asleep. I often begin this way because once you become a parent most of your time revolves around work or your kids; any free time is precious and worth talking about, hence the interesting story that follows. “I’m gonna take a shower,” I tell my husband. As I walk down … Continue reading The Loo